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Standard for production of black steel pipe 141 DN125
Steel grade: A106
Standards: ASTM, DIN, JIS, EN…
Nominal Diameter: DN125, phi 141
Thickness: 6.55mm; 7.11mm; 8.18mm
Length: 6m, 12m.
Steel pipe has full quality inspection papers of the manufacturer.
Made in Viet Nam


Black steel pipe is an important material commonly used in constructions. How can architects choose good quality, durable black steel pipe?

Features of black steel pipe
Black steel pipe is a type of steel pipe that has not been galvanized or painted outside. Steel pipe has a black or blue-black color of iron oxide layer produced during hot rolling of billet. (Different from white steel produced during cold rolling of billet).

Black steel pipe has high hardness, good bearing capacity, low rust, low maintenance requirements and diverse sizes, so it is used in many different industries. At the same time, the cost is lower than other types of steel pipes, so it will help contractors save construction costs.

Application of 141 . black steel pipe
With ideal hardenability, black steel pipe can be widely used in many fields. Most commonly used to conduct high pressure gases, oil and gas pipelines or wastewater.

Oil and gas companies use black steel pipes to transport oil, gas, and other petroleum products across many geographies. The advantage of this application is cost savings, taking advantage of the durability of black steel pipes and minimizing maintenance.

In addition, black steel pipe is also used a lot in construction, the details of which require certainty.

In general, black steel pipe has a very high versatility, used as:

High pressure air duct
Water pipe
Construction steel pipe
Sewage pipes



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