Tane Viet Nam Steel Company .,Ltd

Tel: (+84) 838 55 99 00 | (+84) 838 99 66 00

Hotline : +84 908765019

E-Mail: info@vietnamsteelpipe.vn

Website: www.vietnamsteelpipe.vn


Mr. Luong Quoc Dat – Director

English name is Robert


Mobile: (+84) 838 55 99 00 | (+84) 838 99 66 00

WhatsApp: +84 908765019

Liability exclusion
The liability for the contents of the available information is excluded as far as it is not a matter of intended or grossly negligent false information and these are recalled in Viet Nam. The liability is entirely excluded in case of recall in other states. We assume no liability for messages sent by internet in particular for messages sent to us.

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